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Acknowledments: We would like to thank the photographer Siegfied Mühlhãusser, from the Latin American Institute of The University of New Mexico, who kindly authorized the use of his slides for this presentation. We would also like to thank the Brazilians Gleisson Abreu (São Paulo), Renato Frias (Rio de Janeiro) and Barbara Alves (São Paulo), who did the recordings for the texts that accompany the slides. The presentation you are about to experience would not have been possible without their help.

Important Information: The following slides were also recorded by native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese. To listen to them, click on the link "Ouça em português".

In the recordings, when the speaker does not pronounce, omits or changes a word (or sequence of words), the changes were put in brackets []. The original text was preserved for best understanding of the slide.

Because the photos in this slideshow were taken around 1986-1990, some of them might be out of date.

Series 1: Introduction to Brazil

Series 2: Ethinicity and Population

Series 3: Salvador


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