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Bem-vindo ao Terra brasilis, um site informativo sobre o Brasil e sua língua, na Universidade do Kansas, em Lawrence, EUA. Aqui você pode acessar diversas informações sobre o instituto de ensino de português em Vitória, além de testes "on-line" e diversos recursos para o aprendizado de português e cultura brasileira.

Welcome to Terra brasilis, an informational site about Brazil and its language at the University of Kansas, in Lawrence, USA. Here you can access a wide range of information about the Brazilian Portuguese summer language institute in Vitoria, besides on-line tests and various resources for learning Brazilian Portuguese and culture.

Missed what happened last week in Brazil's history? Past Weeks

MPBR: Our radio station!
Would you like to listen to Brazilian music and learn a little about Brazilian culture? Try our MPB radio station.
(you will need Microsoft's Media Player – if you don't have it, download it now)

Brasa LogoBrazilian Student Association (BRASA)
Get involved with the Brazilian Club of the University of Kansas.

Internship Opportunities: U S Department of State
Looking for a chance to practice what you have learned at K U so far? The United States Department of States offers challenging internships in the summer, fall and spring to U S citizens who are continuing students, beginning in their junior year of college. Application deadlines are November 1 for Summer internships, March 1 for Fall and July 1 for Spring.

Slide Show A journey through the geography and culture of Brazil.

Disabilities Icon Students with visual disabilities
We are working on making this website accessible to students with disabilities. Below is a list of web pages that may be of interest to visually impaired people:
Services for students with disabilities at K U
Brazilian Portuguese Self Assessment test for visually impaired students.


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